Hi there. I’m the girl who has never been contented with the way the world works. I wanted to live in Disneyland. You could say I was drugged by all the fairy tales. You could say I used to care. I used to love a soul with all my heart… Cut to the chase, I enjoy discovering the undiscovered, lavishing life as I live, and making scrambled eggs for breakfast. I like to observe the people I see everyday, in the trains, the bus, the cafe, and imagine what they look like to someone who is in love with them. I favour the surreal. I desire the passion of true love… I wait. Everyone judges, but I’m not everyone. Like everything else, this must come to an end.

1 comment
  1. (: said:

    You totally went MIA!
    How are you doing?
    Wonder if you still remember who this is (:

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