Smoke on water

3 days ago, I left the water to boil… for 5 hours. My brother and I discovered a glowing kettle with a metallic rainbow surface in the kitchen… On emptying the kettle, if there was really much left to pour out, out drizzled some tea-colored water with charred metal remnants.

Mom: “You want to burn down the house is it?!”

Dad: “Forget it. In the future, don’t boil water.”


Today, I wanted to try a 3-minutes-in-the-microwave chocolate chip muffin; extra-time for ultra soft gooey taste and oozing chocolate fudge-like happiness. Before that, Ida told me the muffin had been dropped but cleared the 3-second rule. “I picked it up in 3 seconds! Heat it up and you’ll kill the bacteria too!” (I wasn’t really keen on eating it I really just wanted to see how it’d turn out)

My manager walked in and said he was hungry.

Ida: “Why got smoke?”

We had to flag our blazers in the air (like 1000 bulls were charging towards us) before it could get to the fire-alarm sprinkler, manager watching one corner. Die. Thick clouds of smoke emerging from the microwave, its door swung open, (my 3-minute muffin nowhere to be found) was already lingering dauntingly around the sprinkler. Eyes fixed on the red and green lights, I was prepared to fling my blazer over my head and duck out of the pantry. And explain in my resignation letter that I had intended to exterminate all the bacteria that was multiplying within the muffin with microwaves. And tthat I didn’t know one sprinkler could trigger the rest of the sprinklers in the building.

Thank God fire-alarm sprinklers are heat sensitive.


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