I look into the mirror and I think to myself, “PATHETIC FLACCID SWINE”. Urgh depressing

Omg sexy boxed beard + shaved head.“Mom? “

“What’s the matter? “

“When daddy left, I was fourteen, and I said… never again, no man. And then I meet Gerry. This wonderful man happens to me and then, and then, and then he DIED!

What was the point? I’m so angry I could KILL somebody.

I’m alone, and it doesn’t matter what job I have or what I do or what I don’t do or what friends I have, he’s not here. I mean you’re alone no matter what. ”

That’s right. “

I can’t breathe. I can’t breathe.

1 comment
  1. monk said:

    you are not a frickin SWINE

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