Where our insecurities die

Hope deferred maketh the heart sick.

The likes of Elvis Presley, Marilyn Monroe, Edie Sedgwick, Sid Vicious, Anna Nicole Smith and Heath Ledger… we become reculsive and subsequently stoic. We stone as humans pass us by. We watch their lips move in slow-mo. Time finds its new place and these blood shot eyes focus on nothing as the clock ticks at funeral pace. The hammering fever burns the body with its searing heat and I imagine myself as a sufferer in hell, engulfed by flames and cursing “Lucifer, DAMN YOU!” for taking away your ability to perspire. I think, Wow this could go on indefinitely… Never recover. I felt certain I was going mad again. In the darkness, your demons drag you to the kitchen and you know you shouldn’t scream or look behind. Gripping the counter with vise strength, one of them commands with a drawl I had no impression of, “Open your hands…” The doctor’s prescriptions tumbled helplessly like a fantastic assortment of halloween candy, unsuspectingly laced with lethal intentions. There’s nothing new in dying now – though living is no newer.”





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  1. i am SABRINA said:

    hi sam. 2 months or MOREEEE, thats how long we havent seen each other!! I MISS YOU TERRIBLY luh. lets meet up soon with everyone else. i miss the past times when we used to scream and sing in the toilet and have funfunfun at training, moments i loveeee:)

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