the mystery of divine humiliation

Champion. Isn’t that like the coolest surname? Mother Champion and Little Champions came over to the CIP terminal today.  

A: “Have you seen the ang moh babies? They look like toy dolls! So cute!”

Everyone was simultaneously cooing and going helter-skelter.

Beautiful babies have awfully unique names. Avamaesara and, dizygotic twins (I want twins so bad now), Junodelilah (first thing that came to my mind: Ellen Page + PWTs) and Rexernest for the tiny charmer. They Champions smelt good too – most Ang mohs I’ve met smell like a rich, lush and creamy combination of apricots and coconut body butter. The urge to spend a little cash on creamy scented body lotion is compelling. Tsk, the amount of money I’ve wasted on cabbing to work everyday could buy me 4 items from Bath & Body Work’s Butterfly Flower collection. Or pay for a few driving lessons. Or buy me a pair of zara heels. Or fix my broken camera…

  1. Gore said:

    The way you described the cream kids. . . Sounded like you were about to eat them. . . Haha!

  2. Kan9w3i said:

    u can stop taking cab for the coming week alr!
    afternoon shift!

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