Write a wise saying and your name will live forever.

ariff. says:


Capitalism life is like a race; the ending point is when you work, the winner is the one who earns the most


Gawaine the Avenger says:

wise saying. . .

Gawaine the Avenger says:

hmmm. . .

Gawaine the Avenger says:

one can only do so much for all? 

yunglamorous says:

ok let me think

yunglamorous says:

does this mean if i don’t come up with one nobody will remember me when i die

yunglamorous says:

sian sia

yunglamorous says:

oh btw a lot of daryl stories to tell you

yunglamorous says:

such a shithead srsly

yunglamorous says:

does that count

yunglamorous says:

“such a shithead srsly”

yunglamorous says:


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