My Family

I was going through some old photos of my family members and I was shocked.

You know how some people go like, “You’ve got your mom’s nose… your dad’s eyes… and oh your grandma’s teeth..”

I see myself in everyone man.

Here’s 2 photos of my grandma in the 1950s.

My mom in the 1990s.

My dad in the 1980s with bleached hair.

Dad had that bad boy image going on. But he cleaned up after he got his first job. 

And this is my brother!

Oh his supersize-me picture was really the butt of everyone’s jokes.

My brother looks a lot like my uncle huh!

This is me! I used to have tons of blonde curls!

  1. monk said:

    wah nb are you drugged

  2. monk said:

    omg best part is you actually do look like your mom AHAHAHHAHAHA POWER

  3. Gawaine Wong said:

    Haha. . . Too much crack?

  4. nard said:


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