Ha ha ha haha Hirzi Munah crack me up big time. The video from 3:11 onwards is absolutely wild. Probably the most hilariously outrageous of TP’S CMM student productions. Kids do the darnest things.

PS: You saw this first here on 2PointOne, and whoever wants to replicate/rival this.. Seriously? Can you get any hotter and funnier than this 4 hot girls. I think not.

Crazier, maybe.

So I got up at 6am for a glass of water before proceeding with my early morning bowel movement. Whilst my dump came out like a freshly-baked moist and long brownie emerging from an oven, I had another bathroom enlightenment.

But unfortunately I can’t share it with the world because I no longer remember what it is, except the importance of that random realisation, of which I suggested to myself that it should be noted down somewhere for future reference! I need to learn to have a notebook and a pen in hand (I already have them in my bags) everywhere I go so my realisations won’t be forgotten.

How frustrating!

And why don’t I have an FB wall?????

CPR 1-day crash course, Kallang Basin, 5 September 2008

"We're all in this together", Home Club with Actdeux & KC Caracal & the happy indie people, 5 September 2008

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  1. nard said:

    Those girls have da ballzzz!

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