“Holy Mexican Moustache”

Right now I’m indulging in baked cashews. This is good for me because I’m still tramatized by “Privatisation” and a totally different “Non-aeronautical Charges”. Both of them were featured right at the bottom of my “si bei” (Die die must memorize in Chinese) list. On second thought, they weren’t even included. The two most crucial topics an AMS student HAS TO KNOW if he/she has the intention of acing that bloody APADM paper which I didn’t even consider focusing on. Gr7.

Instead of hulking out, I ended up doing bullshit bingo for both questions, with a touch of sense and sensibility yes.

Oh boy, it sure felt like pissing in the wind.


NARD MEMORIZED PLANNING & DESIGN CONSIDERATIONS (which didn’t come out btw), quote, LIKE A STORY, unquote.

I had a dream. says:

my story oh yea

I had a dream. says:

My Nanny Puts Contact Cases Under Ron’s Secret Night Closet

I had a dream. says:

okay you can laugh now.

I had a dream. says:

just dont fall backwards off your chair

Close, but no cigar. says:




Why Mr Abbas! Why!!!

  1. Gawaine said:

    Pissing in the wind? Haha. . . Reminds me of something. . .

  2. nard said:

    OH NO MY STORY 0.0
    HAHAHA. Sure looks hell like mr abbas.

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