in good company

Pop quiz during Mr Willy’s tutorial sure gave everyone some good poppin’ today! Rushing against time to fill-in-the-blanks beats copying neverending answers from slides. Gary is very cute; he reminds me of a very intellectual guinea pig. Speaking of which, I caught the news on TVmobile about a guinea pig festival celebrated by indigenous women in another part of the world. Races for the chubbiest, best-dressed guinea pigs. I can totally picture Gary climbing up the Champion podium and shaking his tiny clasped paws with glee, the flowers, billions of flashes and screams… However some unfortunate guinea pigs – probably the losers – would have to face various gruesome deaths. Choice of baked, deep fried or barbequed. Yum.

Tonight the smell of chlorine water brought forth freedom from my entanglement in private abstruseness. While everyone was having their shower, I said something I can never say it again till 109238493827502387 days later. Sabrina made her point when she said “This kinda thing you can only say once”

Van: Huh I didn’t hear you what did you say?

Sab: Haha Sam good thing my cubicle’s next to yours.

My bad I was washing my hair and experiencing an awakening.

I am no masterpiece.
So strange that you made all of me.


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