when little children come out to play on a sunny rainy day

I still think they should give us certificates for climbing mount sophia. One for walking up (the old gentleman with the umbrella deserves this one uber robust-o) and one for sprinting up in skinnies.

RAZIROCKSTAR THANKS FOR ORGANIZING THE FIRST COOLEST BLOCK PARTY EVER BEST SOUND SYSTEMS EVER (haha homeclubsoundsysguy said they used it for national day parade ten years ago HOWRADISTHAT) thanks for the yellow VIP tags that got us everywhere and anywhere not to mention all the free flow of quiche+japanese green tea/mango ice cream+spring rolls+baobaobaobao+lasagne+chickenwings+1 can of australian red bull+1 cute little bottle of sparking henkell trocken+lots of food. Liaisons Ivan and Aliff (so you guys are something like bodyguards??) rock because they went flea market shopping with me, went to hunt for free food&drinks with me, went to hunt for more freebies with me veryvery fun boys WHOOOHOOOOO!


“… what happened with our friends will not happen to us because we are the power duo okay…
I love you more than the whole wide world”

YOUR SMILE KEEPS ME UP FOR DAYS I’m sorry I already knew when you didn’t show enough excitement whereas I was getting so high with no need for alcohol however my telepathic powers aren’t as awesome as yours. Please don’t make our goodbyes so cold again.  I guess we don’t always get to have our pie and eat it too. Nevertheless I was very happy to see you yesterday. Happy in the mosh pit (kena sat on and kicked in the face), ducking from the sweaty shirtless body surfers, headbanging to caracal WGB plainsunset, showering in bryan’s-malayhardcoreboys’ sweat HAHA.

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  1. MONK said:

    LIKE BABYYYYYYYY aww hahah freaktard the tag for the viddy is redbull

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