Gemme a beer

Puncture me with anaestesia
Or shoot me so I’ll stop screaming
Put to death this pathetic whimper
Put an end to this misadventure
These restless nights
Can have its peace
Empty my sockets
So I can no longer see
Plastered smiles or plaster beings
With tags that say “friends with benefits”
So beautiful on the outside
So monstrous inside
Dangle my pierced ears with firecrackers
Prepare to watch the lies I’ve heard explode
Light them up and watch them go
And I won’t think of them again
And I won’t dream of you again
I’ll hear none from fablemongers
Or you can kindly box me up
In a pretty pink one if you may
And send me send me faraway
Up up up and away
  1. Evie said:

    samMMmY could you email me your address asap pleaasee (:

  2. jackiee said:

    i miss you sam! hahaha, we need to hang out soon! :]

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