quiet moment of courage

It’s all up there, in the mind. People often say that you shouldn’t discourage yourself by saying “I can’t do it”. Because then, you wouldn’t. Do a reverso with reverse psychology and if you say you’re able to do it, somehow you will. This concept has certainly worked for me in my subconsciousness that whenever I am presented with a challenging task, I would tell myself through constant reiteration that I can do it. All the better when my self-motivation is coupled with diverse forms of motivation, in this case, from others, from an individual in particular, external pressure and internal pressure (stress is good).

As I have mentioned in a post of yore, Avril Lavigne – Anything But Ordinary would be that individual in particular who is my greatest musical motivation. Before it was Enya – Only Time. The others include Michelle Branch, Leigh Nash, Jean Baptiste Maunier, Paramore, Sarah McLachlan, Amy Lee – mostly vocals that one can appreciate. As for the internal and external ones, their details is only meant for me to know and for you to find out.

I’ve not finished my assignments and projects. It’s time I seek sources of mental drives for my polytechnic soul.



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