So excellently ignorant

I told myself “airport systems is an absolute no brainer”. Golly sandra, I lost my mind. And I lost it as I attempted section B. Mr Ongth kept stopping by my desk every 5 minutes for a couple of seconds. Seconds. Doesn’t sound very long but when you’re taking an exam, time passes in a mysterious erratic manner. Everytime he stopped and stared at my scribbly-diddly-dee-doo handwriting (hope he wasn’t thinking of deducting my marks), my train of thought would crash into a 5m thick giant block that appeared out of nowhere and explode.

Explosive brain blockages to the maximus

Blew this paper, blew my chances, blew it like a clodpoll TSK!

All this term-test-is-like-a-freaking-main-paper-i’m-so-stressed-i’m-binge-eating-oh-no-): will temporarily come to an end at 10.30pm for a while. Up next would be so-many-assignments-and-projects-to-complete-during-the-holidays-there’s-no-end-to-this-awmagaad-WHY-AM-I-STILL-LIVING. Fiddlesticks can’t wait to get back to Grey’s!


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