it shouldn’t feel like it is ending

I don’t want her to be sad so 3-2-1 I’ll forget you.

I used to have a babysitter who took care of me while my parents were away at work. She had two kids, Michelle and Sean (I often misspelt it as Shaun/Shuan/Shon). I can vividly recall spending a lot of time with them, especially at that lovely sandy dog-crap filled playground. I would like to believe they loved me like their own. When I turned 7, Sean became my very first tutor, who gave me my very first pilot mechanical shaker pencil. I must’ve gotten an A for something.

My family moved out 3 years later and I never saw them since.

So I had the loveliest rush of nostalgia when my mom came into my room without knocking (bad habit she has walked in on me a billion times) saying “Guess who I saw today? Remember who took care of you?”

Sean, now a Project Manager, is getting married next month and Aunt Mary has invited my mom and I to witness this holy matrimony.

I love weddings and old times.


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