“Too often I find myself worn-out, tense, worried, or just plain bored. Since I don’t enjoy feeling that way for long, I thought I’d share some tips and ideas with my friends and readers. Here are a few of my personally-tested tips to lift you out of a slump, raise your energy, and put a smile on your face.

  1. Listen to peppy music. Anything that makes you want to dance – rock, jazz, country, even disco. It takes all kinds of tunes for all kinds of people.
  2. Watch a comedy. Try a movie, your favorite sitcom, a kids cartoon, or the newest Saturday Night Live. Whether you love Office Space, Princess Bride, Earl, Seinfeld re-runs, Spongebob, or Bugs Bunny, there’s something for every taste.
  3. Try a little exercise. Make it an activity you enjoy, like a few bounces on the trampoline, some water aerobics in the pool, practicing your Kung-Fu moves, or grab a stick and a friend for some Jedi maneuvers. Exercise your imagination and your body.
  4. Retreat. Lock your bedroom door, turn out the lights, lie on your bed and take a few deep breaths. Get as comfortable as possible and try counting backward from 50 to 1. Keep your privacy and your sanity. It works wonders!
  5. Get some praise. Next time a friend sends you some kind words or you get a written note from your boss, put it in a box. Then when you’re feeling down, read through them to help yourself remember your strengths and that what you’re going through is only temporary.
  6. Share a joke. Nothing makes you feel better than a good laugh. Find a book of funny one-liners, surf You Tube for some funny videos, or listen to a comedian on tape. Then share it with a friend. It’ll make you both feel better.
  7. Write it down. I don’t know how it works, but putting your thoughts on paper really does get them out of your head. Often this alone will not only help you stop worrying, but will provide a solution to your problem. Try it for yourself.
  8. Get some quiet time. Go outside and sit for a few minutes under the stars. Look out on the vast expanse of the universe and let the solitude wash over you. Let the silence fill your body and mind. Listen to the sound of the wind in the trees. Let yourself drift away in peace for a few wonderful minutes.
  9. Read an inspiring story. Get a book of inspirational quotes or short stories to keep nearby. When you feel overwhelmed and underappreciated, read about the struggles of someone else. You won’t feel so alone anymore, and your difficulties won’t seem so insurmountable.
  10. Do some cleaning. Yes, I know, not what you want to do right now. But once you get going and start getting things in order, you will receive a boost from the beauty of your home and your sense of accomplishment. Plus you’ll have one less thing to do later. (I always say better to clean in a bad mood, than waste a good one on something you hate.)”

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