Impeach the precedent

“You know. I’ve decided. There’s no way our lives can screw over more than it’s current state. This is the worst of the worst. From now things can only get better, and we an never let this history repeat itself. WE’RE FIGHTERS!!! WE’RE SMART KIDS!!! We will not screw up like *** ***’s that’s fo shizzle.”  — BFF

I’m with you honey. Together we’ll break free from our history and disallow our experiences from dictating our future. Instead, they’ll be the perfect benchmark that’ll guide us far, far away from Dysfunctional Home Part II. We’ll be the coolest moms like Candice’s mommy and my Aunt Yolanda; our children will lead the blessed lives we have always dreamed of living. Happiness is just a few huffs & puffs away.



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