Coffee OR tea has no effect on me. Little did I know that when both put together to give Green Tea Latte

it’ll keep you tossing and turning in bed like crazy. I waited it out for 2 unseemingly long hours. It’s morning I still can’t get to bed. Work starts in a few more hours. It ended 3 hours ago.

Nevertheless, Green Tea Latte (with extra scoops of green tea please!) is officially my favourite drink trumping Green Tea Java Chip Frap & Hot Cocoa.


 Me: Hello Gd evening Raoul Millenia how can I help you?

Anon: This is Thomas

Me: Yes?

Anon: Who is this

Me: Oh oh Samantha speaking how can I help you?

Anon: I sent my shirt for alteration and no one called me back for 3 months.

Me: Oh my 3 months????

Anon: Yes

Me: I’m so sorry sir give me moment for me to check it up for you I need your surname sir

Anon: Excuse me?

Me: Your surname sir

Anon: Thomas. Thomas Chao

Me: Oh CHOW as in C-H-O-W?

Anon: No

Me: Err I’m sorry?

Anon: Thomas Chao Chee Bai


Anon: It’s Thomas Chao Chee Bai is there a problem with that?

Me: (holding back an outburst of laughter) N-N-NO-NOOOOO SIR!


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