August Rush is beautiful. Absolutely beautiful. Music lovers who seek to be inspired should really catch this. I’ve always loved the sound of stringed orchestras and acoustic guitars but I’ve never imagined them being brought together. So when I heard August’s Rhapsody in Central Park, I realised rock and classical unified sounds truly heavenly. The film definitely succeeded in stirring up my emotions from within. It speaks about a calling, silent to others yet perpectually exploding like an everlasting resounding symphony into the ears of the beholder. You can be so sure. So confident. I want to be Found too.

 In August Rush, Lyla and Louis waited 11 years 2 months and 15 days before they finally found each other.

What love awaits thee for many years?

I caught Leap Years on Monday with Rizzy, Nul and Shahidah. Jeremy and Li-Ann waited 3 Leap years.

I just want to run
Just want to hide away
Close my eyes to your gaze
Just want to leave
Don’t want to hear them say
“You’re no good at this”

When the world swirls with naysayers
Broken wings and torn pages
The road ahead
Drowning in my tears

Break me open
Tear me down
Into pieces
Broken crumbs
On the ground
You can mould and shape me
In your image
Breathe your life
You know I need it
Scars make us stronger for life

Losing myself
Gaining it back again
Forging strength from weakness
All that I am
All that I’m meant to be
Melting in your hand

Let the world swirl with naysayers
Pickled hearts and sour faces
What is real is what I cannot see

Cut away
All within me
That won’t bear fruit
Cut away
All within me

Scars make us stronger for life

Music speaks to me best in emotional, romantic movies. Here’s one from Beautiful Seed, Corrinne May’s latest album.


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