1st message. 

“Wo de ma ya I AM 500 BUCKS RICHER AS OF 16.30, February 8th 2008. “

2nd message.

“And my mom is letting me keep em all. ALL. All. ALL. All 3 digits of the sum. OKok you must be my finance advisor HAHA cos i am capable of spending it all in a day”

Monk, you and I value friendship over everything else in the world right? As your finance advisor, my best advice to you would be to… SPLIT THE MONEY WITH ME, XOXO BFF. In my whinest, tair-est tone: BEE EFF EFF! (onsets of angel faces here)

Well whaddya know! The first day of CNY 2008 was awesome. Especially the last few hours of it. Dad came along for visiting this year without much persuasion from my mom. Finally, us; a whole family together. 🙂 The cousins were nice. Everybody looks the same as last year but the french babies have grown! They’re such cute little angels who get away with anything and everything. I love noisy kids. I want a french baby of my own. Which also translates into: GOD PLEASE BLESS ME WITH A FRENCH IDEAL HUSBAND.


Home is starting to feel a little homely. While waiting for the show to start, we (postbox, ahdale, bong and monk) chilled out and camwhored. Isa looks hot in his narcissistic shots.


 Syadie must’ve been scruntinizing my moves for quite sometime because while everyone was groovin’ to Twohill’s and Holly G’s (omg holly g omg omg ) mixes, I was learning how to foot shuffle right in the middle of the dance floor. Apparently he kinda gave up and walked away. HAHAHA.


Mike Mark Ben Nes (Like Birdnest without the Bird and the T) Keith Tash Bran came down thank you guys so much for coming to watch the band. Yayyay I enjoyed myself @ Cut last night!


Monk I think I like sleeping next to you. Like you’re always there. I didn’t have nightmares lastnight! But I kept waking up to blow my sinus stricken nose.


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