Keeping my fingers crossed

Psychology Test is 4 days away, and I’ve only half finished the module on ‘Intelligence’. Tonight I’ll rush through as much as I can because I’m totally running out of time. ): I need to get an A. 



2 gigs in 2 consecutive days, Friday night before the Psychology exam and Saturday immediately after my paper.

I’m gonna miss out on Saturday’s TP-AMS Club’s leadership training, bonding session AND PAINTBALL ))):

And the most important event of 2nd Feb 2008:

 img_0630-copy.jpg My darling faye’s 18th birdday.

I really can’t stand having a clash of important events.

Faye just called just now and she’s downstairs at Elias Mall playing with a rabbit. So near she could come upstairs. But that would mean I wouldn’t be able to study and that would leave me with only 3 days to study for psychology.


“I wish I could just not study and keep you company till you have fly back.”

“Don’t be silly lah! STUDY it’s for the future!”

“Oh YAH then we’ll be rich enough to travel the world together!! <333”


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