Chasing Château

The O level results were released last Thursday at 2.30pm and the Babypongteh gang, Happy Pills and the now defunct Usuals (well we can’t be called usuals so would declaring it as “defunct” prevent any possible dispute?) are EXTREMELY PROUD with our dearest double Fs, Fatin Atin and Fionah.  5 DISTINCTIONS ouhmagosh you freaking skinny sexy smart head AND A FOR LITERATURE TSK.


BOTH Fs ARE CHOOSING TP COURSES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


TP AMS’s COP has officially dropped to 11 (YAY MR PAUL  YAP, MR ABBAS AND THE ENTOURAGE OF LECTURERS MUST BE SO PLEASED) and EVERYONE is eagerly waiting for the points decrease. Met Mr. Gary the rad new lecturer with the masters’ degree and I was extremely fascinated by his ability to speak FRENCH. He spoke the beautiful romantic foreign language so fluently. 
Instantly, I had it registered in my head that The Ideal Man/Man of my Dreams MUST speak FRENCH. Yet another addition that lowers the probability of meeting such a perfect person. -DAZE-
(My previous experience just raised my standards and I’m never gonna bring it down. Ever. The list goes like this. He must detest smoking+drinking+clubbing+tattooing and must have always been against pre-marital sex, must be a virgin, must have a goal in life, must not be some ego lecturer, must believe in God, must not be vulgar, must be sensible enough to know that porn is sick immoral and disgusting therefore he will not watch it at all, must be tall, must maintain a excellent sense of hygiene, must watch a lot of GOODGOODAWESOME movies like MY DARLING MONK, must appreciate Classical Music, must have a cool casual laid back indie old school satorial style, must not be some emo sensitive boy, must smell nice (i am very attracted to nice scents), must be full of humour (a like a sarcastic guy who laughs at a tense situation), must understand the importance of FAMILY+FRIENDS+EDUCATION, must not be over-confident, must be a Mommy’s Boy, must be child-like – honest reliable truthful genuine understanding, must love dark chocolate, must love eating fruits, must be a bad liar like me, MUST KNOW SOME FRENCH) The Will of God will determine whether I will ever meet such a man. Haha I may never be so blessed.
In a few years’ time, I would travel around the world continuously. I will pick up languages from countries around the world and meet/befriend interesting angmohs who would show me around their homeland/hometown, introducing me to their diverse cultures. I wanna visit chateau de la caze and stay in Barcelona and learn Spanish. Chasing Chateau!
Okay back to maths.

  1. bongsa said:

    thats one tough feller.

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