If I could store happiness in a jar


Twas a LOVELY, uber breezy wednesday. I think I get a real kick out of faking accents. It irritates the shit out of people. Maybe that’s why I get so insanely thrilled and crazy. Today, I WAS HIGH ON ECSTACY! (talk about ecstacy i’m reminded of my lovely ecstacy pills ): monkmonk i do miss you)

WOOOOHOOOOO Today could be the first time in 2008 that I’ve ever laughed so loud and so hard and so much. Reminds me of those O level days, hanging out in the classrooms during recess when we’re not supposed to, “studying”, exchanging funny gossips and uttering nonsensical rubbish.

SO we sat outside the LOVELY WINDYYYYYY main entrance of the school’s libby with heaps of junk food (pretz, chedder biscuits, chocs, petitbrunch, corn snacks ouhSHAT so much carbs I’m gonna be the fattest on CNY again damnit) and we attempted to COMPLETE our psychology ppt while piggin’ out. Well I just couldn’t get rid of my fake accents. Hongkee, English, Bimbo chick and Mat style. At one point, I was so high, when one of Yum’s friends walked over, I shouted, “EH HELLO YOU! GO RELAC ONE CORNER *POINTS MADLY TO A CORNER*” OUHHHHH. Yum, Winnie and I were having shitloads of fun, giggling uncontrollably till Tiffany and Mos had to beg us to shut up.

Ohoh it was so windy someone’s notes got carried into the air and i was yelling at everyone to throw their notes into the air so it would be such a wonderfulwonderful sight but
it didn’t happen no one listened to me i suspect someone muttered crazy under their breath. Tsk. Don’t know how to enjoy life.

In all that outburst of insanity, we managed to do a few slides. We = Winnie. Me. Yummos are escaping, AVOIDING AND DENYING THEIR RESPONSIBILITIES!!!


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