What do you do when

  • You’ve just woken up from the most HORRIFIC nightmare of the year
  • you tried getting to back sleep yet after minutes of tossing and turning
  • you get upset.

Get out of bed.

  • It’s 5am in the morning.
  • You don’t see anyone online.
  • You attempt to do your assignments or write lyrics.
  • Hopeless.
  • Apparently you’re wide awake but your brain cells aren’t

Indulge in GossipGirl.

  • However, tudou is taking eons to load
  • Sigh.

This is decolourized morning me. Eyebags, dark eye circles, haven’t removed goldliner, crappy hair…



Right. I’m over the bloody nightmare. Sweetdreams comfort me now please I am really tired I WANT TO SLEEP GOODNIGHT WORLD

wth i hear a duck QUEKing (pun intended, not. ahemahem)

omg it’s really quacking i thought it’s supposed to be the rooster cuckoo-ing in the morning. eh. CROW-ing.

whatever WHATEVER!


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