I can imagine if we had a conversation about it you would call me on my self-delusions

Considering how I’ve only had 2 hours of shut eye, I allowed myself to stroll into the open gates of Lalaland during psychology. To think I was seated right in front and right in the middle facing the entire class, head resting comfortably on my arms, jaws relaxed and everyone chose to be nice. Even the lecturer. I stirred awake in the midst of the lesson astonished. Upon realising that I must’ve been slumped in the most unsightly manner (hopefully i didn’t drool), I mustve been feeling really embarrassed because my groupmate was sniggering and saying “Haha eh she’s blushing see her face. So red!” Head is throbbing and my mind says it needs rest.

It’s the 2nd day of the new year. 


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