Feeling lonely on new year’s eve?

Sadly, I am feeling much lonelier than on the eve of christmas. Kenneth are you feeling lonely too? Because I DON’T SEE YOU ONLINEEEEEEEEEE.

Honestly, I was feeling extremely bitter and on the brink of tears as I passed my camera to Monk for her NYE countdown. Images of a plethora of happy people, joyfully counting down to a new year. Well I shall start my night with Heroes on five. After which, I’ll work on that blasted airport and airline assignment. I can’t believe I turned down my dearest Abang’s offer to countdown with him, just to complete my assignments. Faye & emmie… 😦 Bong and my boys… 😦 I’m sorry I can’t come over too. Stupid assignments.

I wonder how Aina and Ainul’s counting down. Singing Thai songs in batik skirts and banana leaves?

I’ve yet to figure out the damned MIDI controller I just got. 2 more weeks left. I’m dooming the band.

F*** the world and all its happy people.


Okay maybe I should ask the boys next door if they’ve got some booze for the night.


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