In pursuit of the truth

I totally agree with Monk’s take on how much she yearns to know the truth, in a bid to face up to reality, no matter how ASTOUNDING it would be for her.

Knowing the truth makes me Yelp With Glee HEEHEE.

My insides yelped with glee upon receiving a christmas gift from a certain monk. Since today, the pair of knickers will be worn when in need of good luck, considering how monks like to bless items before they are given to a mortal. On second thought, the red one will be for good luck while the black one will be for the day I attempt to show the audience the cool fonts on my butt.

(Omg Ariff just messaged me and I cannot believe we made it for the auditions. Aiya auditions only. Big deal. But still. Yelp with gleee yelp with gleeeeeeee.)

Seeing Abang made my heart leap with joy because his smile was stretched to the max. (: There’s nothing to hide between BFFs because in your attempt to conceal your secret, a drift often takes place and things could get complicated. I’m sorry I judged you, but you shouldn’t have kept it from me (and everyone else) in the first place, silly. BFFs are always there for each other, thanks to the advancement of modern day technology. I won’t leave you in the lurch. None of us will (:

(Okay I’m starting to receive a lot of Merry Christmas texts. Yelping with gleeeeee)





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