“Whatever doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger.”

Found a friend’s blog. After reading it, I felt… relief from my recent grievousness. Somehow, when you know that someone, somewhere out there in this world, has experienced a similar case from Life’s Book of Worst Case Scenerios, the emotional burden is magically lightened. It’s pretty unfortunate that it had to happen to her because he never seemed to be the sort. Don’t they.

Monk I’m really sorry I ruined christmas shopping. It’s been such a melodramatic week my mood was too screwed. 😦 I’ll make it up with a Monk&Ditz shopping day! Then we can buy all those things we said we’ll buy the next time. If we can still remember that great list of things.

3 Months ago:


After dday:


Now recover, forget, stop crying over something I’ve never had, pick yourself up and learn from those mistakes. It’ll linger and torment every once in a while. But it doesn’t offer any reason to stay stuck in a pit of self pity. I’m holding up. I’ll be well. I’ll stay alive and live life like before.

Christmas is almost here.

And so are you my dearest. We’ve been waiting for so long.

Your comeback is the highlight of my year. And our love is definitely a thousand times louder than words. (: This is one long-distance relationship that will never fail. That’s for sure. (:

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  1. sitbyalone said:

    stop acting like evie’s ur lover.

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