Talent tongue

The tables are empty, the dance floor’s deserted. You play the same love song;

it’s the 10th time you’ve heard it.

The cigarettes you light, one after another, won’t help you forget him; when you’re losing your lover. You’re only burning a torch you can’t lose. But you’re on the right track for learnin’ the blues.

When you’re at home alone, the blues will taunt you constantly.
When you’re out in a crowd, the blues will haunt your memory.

The nights when you don’t sleep, the whole night you’re crying. You just can’t forget him, soon you even stop trying.
You’ll walk the floor and wear out your shoes. When you feel your heart break, you’re learnin’ the blues

1 comment
  1. ------- said:

    You will never fall alone. There are people around you whom loves you more than you know. They’ll be with you through this tide.

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