They told me:
“Ian just forget about everything.
Things were no longer the way it used to be, drop that small glimpse of hope.
Another one would come along some day”

For a while that was what i did.

Months later i replied:
“It was not as easy as i thought it would be.
It would never be.
To forget someone you held so dearly.”


Oh mann I think I’m hooked on reading people’s experiences and relating it to my own 😐 Am I retarded or what?

Monk, I’m having difficulty memorizing without you around. I feel like calling you down to my place again 😐 You’re damned amazing I tell you. Okay lah you can claim all the credit for my airline management paper.

I’ve got the airPort one tomorrow 😐 How?!

Omg my emotions are cascading down like an orion’s belt dope shit


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