Girls as young as SIX already hate their bodies (omg i started at 7)

At 12, Kathleen Bartha is a veteran dieter – driven by a revulsion at the sight of her own pre-pubescent body. She says: “Whenever I look in the mirror I feel really tearful.
“My legs are too big to fit well into some trousers, and I feel my stomach isn’t flat enough.
“Mostly I think I would look a lot better if I were thinner all over.
“My friends and family tell me I am skinny, but I don’t believe them and I think mum only says it to make me feel better.
“If I try to diet and not eat so much, mum stops me. But then I read magazines and see the celebrities and wish that I was thin like they are.”

Childhood is so brief, and it’s a shame that today’s society appears to be unable to allow children be just that, and to grow up without the pressure that young women and adults are subjected to.

Indeed, it’s a sad indictment, that from the tender age of six, a generation of girls are learning to be their own fiercest critics.


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