Tried to take a picture of love.


Didn’t think I’d miss her that much. I want to fill this new frame but it’s empty. Tried to write a letter in ink. Its been getting better I think. I got a piece of paper but its empty. Its empty. And I’ve even wondered if we should be getting under these sheets. We could lie in this bed but its empty. Its empty. Will we end up getting hurt? Is this love a myth? So tell me, are you in for this? There’s so much more than we can see; more than you, more than me. It takes two to believe.
Maybe it’s our first mistake but baby that’s alright. It’s crazy how we lost ourselves tonight. There’s a reason why they say that we should give it time. But time is not enough. And that’s the reason why when you’re young, you fall in love.
Maybe we’re trying, trying too hard.
Maybe we’re torn apart.
Maybe the timing is beating our hearts.
We’re empty.

1 comment
  1. Evie said:

    but this cut is really hot. i like it. THATS HOT.
    but i like you in long hair as well.
    okok. have to go. TMR IS MY LAST EXAM.
    OMG OMG OMG OMG!!!?!!?!!?
    heaven’s joy in opening up…..
    Glory!!!!! -sun shines (choir singing..)
    kkkkkkxzxzzx. callyousoonlove.
    have been waiting for tmr since foreverxzz,
    oKAY gtg do stats.

    love. ❤
    the sun is burning my ass.

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