And we can fly fly fly away.

Life can show no mercy,
It can tear your soul apart,
It can make you feel like you’ve gone crazy,
But you’re not.
Things have seem to changed.
There’s one thing that’s still the same.
In my heart you have remained. 

‘Cause you are not alone

I’m always there with you.

And we’ll get lost together

Till the light comes pouring through.

‘Cause when you feel like you’re done

And the darkness has won

Baby, you’re not lost.

When your world’s crashing down

And you can’t bear to fall 

I said, baby, you’re not lost.


Monday morning and the sky’s turning grey. I tuned in to this sad beautiful song and it made me sob away. So damned nice lorzxz. Make me feel so OBLIVIOUS to the whole world and focused on getting emo.


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