The day my kitchen clock stopped ticking at 11:43PM. Go buy 4D.

“Do u know the relation

between your two eyes?

Theyblink together,

move together,

cry together,

 see things together

& sleep together.

Even though they

never get to see each other.

Friendship should be just like that.

Life is like hell without friends.


Who is your BFF?

I think I forwarded this text to MONK while she accompanied me over the phone after work. The very same day I decided to flee from a colleague who had offered to send me home. Monk said she always received such chain messages. Well mommy was the one who sent it to me. The only one, to be more precise. At that moment, I wanted to send it out to everybody in my phonebook. I didn’t ah.

A particular customer, walked into the shop today. In my opinion (and Bangzy’s), she’s visually appealing; very pleasant to the eyes. Slender, good posture, makings of a local model, mannerisms. Attractive enough to make heads turn. I was totally thrilled to offer her my assistance when she approached me. Apparently, she requested for WH to help her instead but he had gone on his break. So she decided that she’d wait till he got back.

While she browsed through the blue range, her outstretched left arm caught my eye. A combination of old and fresh slit marks strewn across her left wrist. Shocking. How could someone with so much charm be filled with so much pain? My kaypoh-ness naturally got the better of me.

I found out that she was to be the very first customer who had a sad tale to share with anyone who cared to listen. Fortunately for her, kaypoh people are excellent listeners.

No one held my inquisitivity back and soon we were having a heart to heart talk with a customer in the middle of the ladies’ section.

Vicky’s her name. No friends. No freedom. No life. Just one demanding unreasonable overbearing fault/flaw-finding authoritative asswipe.

My heart went out to her. Gave her a bear hug. She started exploding into tears, trembling uncontrollably. Or so I imagined.

She got my contact, WH came back, decided on a unique monochrome shirt an hour and a dozen shirts later, and bid farewell before she left.

Today I re-learned that looking good isn’t everything. And having to ALWAYS make the effort to please someone who can never be satisfied by changing yourself all the time can easily make you a winner of the first prize that goes something like: World’s Most Miserable Homosaipien.

Happy Deepavali.


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