Pull the trigger

Things would’ve been so much better if I had all my favourite people with me all the time. If only we went to the same school, took the same course, lived in the same block, had meals together everyday…

“So nice… Life would be so nice. “(So Digging this song)

You know what frightens me most? I used to think it was The Dark. But Life threw out its trump card. To be more precise, Life & its Uncertainties. Or maybe Life & its Unpredictable, Merciless Antics: Spares No One.

Petty fights. Fiery arguements. Profane word war. Breakups. Disappointment. Betrayal. Solitariness. Pressure. Decision making. Divorce. Death It doesn’t even end there (so I shan’t end this sentence with a stop)

And then there’s Losing.

I think I live a cursed life. Well maybe I was cursed at birth to fear Life in the year 2007. Also, I would get to go on a complimentary Losing spree, whereby I Lose the significant main characters in my Life Story.

Or maybe, I just suck at holding things together.

Now would be a good time to look at the stars, look how they shine for you, start to embrace your fragility, let the tears fall and whisper… a silent prayer.


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