Put the lime in the coke and then you drink it all up

I miss my two dear sweethearts who are half a world away from me. I’m expecting the both of them to arrive earlier than planned. Raoul’s been playing a lot of nineties soul lately. A particular song sent my emotions swirling out of control while I mused around the shop filled with shirts and music. My heart started to throb in a familiar aching manner. Before I knew it, my eyes began to water. Haha I’m so emo. Been binging unhealthily too. Uh, period’s coming.

Monk’s posts are intriguing. Fascinating. I wouldn’t be surprized if I became a devoted reader to her daily column in any local newspaper (confirm Life! one lah).

Bangzy’s my amazing retail therapist. I’m his critque.

And bestfriends love having one another 😀

 I like 5 minute posts.


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