Something everyone’s looking for.

Often difficult and tough to maintain, yet it can bring you boundless joy. The dynamic glory of love.

you think love’s so simple?

it is not. when i think about the people i thought i loved, i realised i did so many things which alr showed i don’t know how to love. so what’s the crap about me loving them? i’m still learning. i’m still trying. love is never convenient and easy.

and many people nowadays, so selfish. so self-centered. all they think about is themselves. love? love themselves, of course they do. love other people? they will consider first, whether it’s convenient enough and whether it’s comfortable for them to do so. love isn’t like that.

love is unconditional.

and the rule in my life goes like this. God loves me with an everlasting love first. i love Him, and i must love His people.

you don’t say you love God when you treat His people like trash, when you only care about yourself and not about others. God loves every single human being. how could you treat other human beings as unimportant when they are the people whom God created and love?

and who are His people? not just your best friend, not just the people you’re close to. it’s all the human beings in this universe. even those you don’t know, even those you happen to dislike, even those who you feel not close to.

i may not know how to love people yet, but when i say i love you, i’m telling you i’ll try my best, i’ll try my best to go as close to perfection as possible.

i may go slow, inch by inch. but i’m satisfied when i’m moving closer, when i see more of the big picture…


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