Will you still love me in the morning?

Staring me down
From somewhere over the ground
I see you there
Laughing at me at the top of the stairs

Tackling you with all my weight
You pin me yet again
You try to kiss me
Not today…..

Telling me that its just alittle peck
But what will that lead to
Another peck I bet
I don’t think you love me enough yet.

Another day rolls by
You try again with a peck on the cheek.
Thank you for the roses
Maybe you can kiss me next week.

You’re in love with me ?
But If I kiss you tonight
Would you still love me in the morning?

With our lips very close ,
The heat stared to build in me,
That Makes me wonder,
Will you respect me tomorrow?

Touching my skin with soft grazes,
Longingly watching me with wonder,
Morning came and went today.

With stars out again,
Morning is a ways away,
Will you tell me good morning then,
While you lay there in my sheets ?

Playing in my dreams,
Was that kiss,
Under the shooting stars and blazing sky,
Worth making you wait……

Do you love me this morning?
After Kissing every inch of me,
Under the light of diamonds and the moon?
Do you still want me today?

“Always and forever babe.”


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