It’s crumbling again…

so hoarse and weak. your voice is so hoarse and so weak… 😦

Bee Eff Eff – The Other Perspective.

 I know you’re here for me, and you’ll always be. I know you feel me inside out because we’re so connected. Like we were soul mates with an extraordinary history. You say things I wish you didn’t but I know you mean well and that’s why (whether I like it or not) I want to know everything that’s all your mind. It hurts more when you don’t tell me anything at all. Because BFFs share secrets.

I know that as a BFF, you may know better than I do.

That’s why I’ve learned to respect your advices. I am listening. I take whatever you say into consideration. I know you don’t wish to see me getting hurt or getting fooled.

But you’re not me, and I need to learn things one my own, make my own mistakes, and wouldn’t it be great to know that I could prove you wrong about this whole thing? That things aren’t as unsafe as it seems to be?

I love this guy. Only I can find out for myself whether he’s right or not, for me.

I love you too. You know where you stand. 🙂 We’ve talked about it that night as we were crossing the road. And I need you to still be there for me and advice me to keep me sound, albeit giving me time to find things out myself. Like you said, it’s only matters if I can see it. 🙂


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