Red lights, Green lights

I found a collection of receipts in my room. They’ve been accumulating for a few months now, though they were meant for monthly accounting. Did a little math in my fair time and the total expenditure revealed that I’ve been spending a rather rough lot lately. Hmm. Weird. I suspect the majority of it went to my recent cocoa pangs and digestives (HAHA TRISHY), ever since the main exams. MONK, I still haven’t gotten my everlast shoes.. If only all my receipts could turn themselves into cash, I’d be so damn rich.

1 comment
  1. yun said:

    collecting receipts will only make you miserable, what are you doing? buy from BATA, which, according to Jope, means Buy And Throw Away.

    quite smart.

    MISS U, queue for dounts CAN CAN? drown ourselves in the sugar omg sugar turns to fat zz

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