In just a few more hours – II

It’s a few more minutes to eleven in the morning and i’m still in the midst of memorizing. Getting an A for introCA should be an easy feat, considering how Mr Paul Yap graciously gave us really BIGGGGG tips. Like really big.

Problem is, for me, my memory power’s totally undeveloped. I can never remember the FULL details to the conversation you and I had last night. All I would be able to recall, would be the fact that we did have a conversation last night. Period.

Like whenever Monk asks about the conversation I had just before I rang her up, I’d go, “OHHHH. HE SAID ERM. ERRRRRR. Shit I totally forgot what we talked about =|.”  


Perhaps, I’m still tryin’a powerrrrrr up. You know, late bloomer. Another possible reason could be that God answered my prayers when I told him I wanted to be able to ‘forgive and forget’ everything easily. So I became a forgiving person, not to mention, blessed with a bad memory. NO I AM NOT BLAMING GOD. I’m blaming myself for praying for the wrong thing all the time. Like the prayer I made as a kid when I couldn’t fit into my mom’s work shoes, “God when I grow up, I hope I’ll get big feet so I could fit into all of mommy’s shoes. On second thought, I want feet bigger than mommy’s so daddy would get me new prettier ones and I wouldn’t have to use mommy’s. Amen.”


Okay hitting the notes.

Hmm I really should get a substitute for the word “Like”. Makes my post sound entirely bimbotic.




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