Emotions – Chapter 1


When we fear losing something, we place ourselves in a position to lose it. When we fear losing somebody’s love or affection, we are immediately in jeopardy of losing it.

Enjoy and concentrate on what you have, not dwell on losing what you have.”

 …most people stagger through life, bemoaning on what they don’t have and talking about what they don’t want. It’s a hopeless situation. We must focus on what we want.

Focus on what you want. Dwelling on your fears will only bring them upon you.

We need to enjoy what we have right now and live right now. Fearing loss is not living in the now. Fearing loss is living in the future.

Fear only has power over us if we allow it to. We cannot just ignore the reflexes, we cannot pretend they’re not there. It doesn’t work that way. But everyone is afraid of something. It’s part of what we are, it’s part of being human. We should not let the fear control us. We do that frequently… and stopping it is difficult… but it can be done.

Realize what your fears are. Recognize them for what they are. Tell them that they have no power over you.

Respect your fears… acknowledge them… but do not let them control you. You are in control, and fear has no power of its own. It’s perfectly all right to be afraid. It’s not a sign of weakness or of failure. Everyone is afraid, everyone has fears. Fear is part of us, part of what we are. I know, admitting fear is not the macho behavior that modern society often demands of us… but macho characters are just as often afraid as anyone… but they’re also afraid of letting it show.


…you have to leave the fear behind you and replace it by positive feelings, and you can do the things the fear kept you from doing… but you need to get used to it.

Take short walks, so to speak. Get used to your new emotional footwear. Before you know it your new shoes have come to fit you just as well as your old ones did… and you’re ready for that long walk that the sorry condition of your old shoes kept you from undertaking.

Easy? No. But then, few things that are really worthwhile ever are. New shoes take some getting used to, and a blister or two is not uncommon. But in the end,

you’ll walk the distance.



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