I just saw a gang of Lians & Bengs downstairs before I got home. Girls were in their tiniest denim shorts and boys sported the usual ahbeng kim-moh hairstyle. There was this lad in particular, whom I suppose is the ringleader, enjoying a cig in one hand and his mobile in the other. He was having a typical chao ah beng conversation with the person on the other line, probably a representative from another gang.

Wo men xian zai yao lai le. Dui. You ji ge ren? MEI GE ren dou xia lai ah! You Kelly, Evangeline, Angela, aiya suo you nu de. Then NAN de you Vincent ah, Jonathan, Eric, hai you CARRIAN, …. (etcetc)”


One of the girls spoke in this boisterous, obtrusive tone and sounded like she was ready to win the war.


I actually turned back to see if they were referring to me and started to quicken my pace in case they felt like finding dai ji (fault) with me. Call me a wuss, but I’m just protecting myself from getting scratched, kicked and ripped by young punks for no reason in particular.

Gang fights.

People should just keep on negotiating, finding means and ways to compromise instead of having to bleed it out.

1 comment
  1. fion said:

    i almost kena once.
    got body contact leh

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