Laugh It Off

The EMATHS1 lecturer for my course is the quintessential cool guy. I’m awestuck by his ability to put up with all the nonsense that’s coming from the class monkeys and, well, laugh it off.

He never gets infuriated.

Never. Even when the monkeys were obviously trying to make a clown out of him, he nonchalantly laughed along. He didn’t make a big hooha out of it. He couldn’t give much of a damn. He probably never saw the need to anyway.

Why get upset, when you’ve got the will to shake it off?

Why choose to get irate, when you can choose to laugh it off?

“The world would be so much better if everyone was just like him.” -JO FOO (okay not her exact words but they’re probably something along the lines of it HEEHEEE 😀)

That’s something I’d like to learn from him. Something everyone should learn. To just laugh off life’s predicaments, instead of allowing all your troubles spoil a potentially happy day! I yearn to be carefree and avoid getting into those unnecessary temperamental pandemoniums. I want to make the best out of life. I want to put an end to my late whimsical forlornness.

I don’t think this is the first time I’ve said this.

Don’t worry it’ll soon come into action HEEHEEE



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