And you, with your new born eyes,
Have you ever loved a man, like I love him?
Do you hurt, but still feel alive
Like never before?

I’ve got a flea for a friend. And it introduced this beautiful song to me. It’s by the amazing Nerina Pallot btw. She actually able to play the piano and sing live, and sound just like the recording. That’s better than the vox-cum-keyboardist from The Hush Sound and Avril Lavigne. (Oh AVRIL. You’re disappointed me. Tsktsk. I shall not elaborate on this point for it will only break my broken heart. A hint to leave behind though. The word’s “Girlfriend”.) That’s certainly not an easy feat. Seriously. Go try playing Mary Had A Little Lamb and sing that little old tune at the same time with lots of feeling and soul. Okay MAYBE. JUST MAYBEEE you might still be able to sound nice. But Sophia‘s got all the dynamics. All the highs and lows. 

I love rainy weathers. The cool wind that rushes through the windows and into my home after a heavy downpour makes me feel like i’m flying above the clouds. Makes me dream and imagine like I’m in someplace surreal.

 Everyone’s going through quite a bit of turbulence right now. Let’s pray for the rainbow after the storm. 🙂


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