The things i cannot comprehend.

Word: Vexed. 

Everyone’s been acting kinda weird recently. I think there’s something wrong with the way I am. Maybe that’s why. That’s why I’ve been treated so differently. All the non-capitalized texts. The seriousness in every online conversation. The lack of excitement. The awkwardness.

 One moment we’re so close. It thrills my soul to feel that the friendship’s levelled up.

And before you know it, everything’s back to square one.

It’s like one of those computer games. You get past the first level. Getting to know someone. Then the second level. Establishing an unique relationship. Followed by the third. Having little fights that bond. Fourth. Secret sharing moments. So on and so forth, till you’re just about to reach the zenith…!

And then it happens.

The coldness and lack of jest. The nonchalance. The period of time that kept us interwined, becomes parallel and eventually diverges in the opposite direction. Probably never to return again.

yun. says:

i won’t ever hate you

yun. says:

it’s just everyone needs their space once in a while

yun. says:

and there are things i don’t know how to say yun. says: so i’d rather not

yun. says:

i did feel distant from you too

yun. says:

i think things are gonna be a wee bit funny for a

yun. says:


yun. says: JUST NEED TIME! yun. says:

you know like in Just Friends

yun. says:uhhh “FORGIVENESS IS MORE THAN SAYING SORRY.. TO FORGIVE IS DIVINE..” and i dont remember the words.. yun. says: btw i exchanged the dress for the lovely blue one you said looked like a friggin TABLE CLOTH collage.jpgHaha the last part’s redundant. Anyway IT’S LOVELY LAH DARLING.img_4095.jpg



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