Weighing Me Down

Assignments are ruining my life. Not only have they caused unglamorous pustulous outbreaks and dark eyeb–

I just got to know about it this fateful morning. JEL randomly brought this up to me while Chris, Jim, Joanna, Rayna and Baohui were discussing if we should go over to the project room to do our FACOM assignments,

“Do you know that staring at the computer screen for a long period of time can give you eyebags?”

Stares at Jel for sometime.

“… Are you trying to tell me that I’ve got eyebags?”

Nods head seriously.


–ags, they have also brutally taken my brains apart. I feel reduced to an even duller, ditzier state. MONK I miss you so much and i can’t wait to celebrate your 17th birthday with you this coming friday!! 😀 DON’T LET GASTRICS/LETHARGY/MOOD SWINGS/WHATEVER-THAT-SUCKS GET IN THE WAY OF SUCH AN AWESOME OCCASION. I WILL STUFF STRAWBERRIES, AND ANYTHING THAT HAS PORES, INTO YOUR MOUTH AND TRAUMATIZE YOU.

BANGZY you gotta celebrate MONK’S 17th this friday too!!! We could chill out over grandegreenteafrappe when MONK goes to meet her other girlfriends for dinner! TELL ME EVERYTHING I NEED TO KNOW!!!!! 😀

JUN it’s so cool we met on 15! I’m sorry I talked too loud so everyone on the bus (without earphones) got to know about your issues HAHA. And yeah, having been 50 minutes late, I should’ve skipped my 2 hr CADS lesson. A CADS test (20%) was scheduled on that day. And I was short of 50 minutes for the completion of my test. I could only complete half of it. If I skipped class that morning, I could’ve done the make-up test the following day in 2 full hours.



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