I suffer from a common case of sinusitis whereby every morning when I wake, my poor nose would be stuffed with warm, gooey mucus. My nose would then start to twitch and sniff, trying not to sneeze in an attempt to hold back the mucus while I frantically grab a tissue in my partially awake state. There is an immediate relief once everything’s blown onto the 2-ply life saver. Most of the time, a single sneeze and a little mucus emptying would do the trick. As for the rest of the time, I feel like a human slime disposer.

Sniff sniff.

 THE TRICIA ALWAYS =) You’ll always feel like slapping sam and jun, but can never actually do it.

and you know, its scientifically proven that singing can burn calories

Scientists should go prove that suffering from a bad bout of flu burns calories. Honestly, it can tire any flu-stricken soul out with all the

Oh my.

Guess what I found out while I was doing online research on my symptoms.

chronic fatigue syndrome  
A syndrome characterized by debilitating fatigue and a combination of flulike symptoms such as SORE THROAT, SWOLLEN lymph glands, low-grade FEVER, HEADACHE, and MUSCLE PAIN or WEAKNESS. The cause is UNKNOWN.

Main Entry: chronic fatigue syndrome
Function: noun
: a disorder of uncertain cause that is characterized by persistent profound fatigue usually accompanied by impairment in short-term memory or concentration, sore throat, tender lymph nodes, muscle or joint pain, and headache unrelated to any preexisting medical condition and that typically has an onset at about 30 years of age—abbreviation CFS; called also myalgic encephalomyelitis


Crikey dudes! 

All my symptoms matches every single detail of it. That explains my forgetfulness and recent insomnia comebacks. Hmm the cause of it is unknown. Is the cure unknown too?!

I just had a comical visualisation of myself, sprawled across the floor, a mucus-drenched tissue sitting nicely in the palm of my right hand, head on the opposite side, clear mucus flowing out from a reddish-purplish swollen nose, mouth ajar, face holding a frozen miserable/pathetic expression, body frozen and lifeless.

Seriously, I might just sneeze myself to death.



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