There’s always something in the way. There’s always something getting through.
But it’s not me. It’s You.

Sometime’s ignorance rings true. But hope is not in what I know.
Not in me. It’s in You.

It’s all I know…

And I find peace when I’m confused. I find hope when I’m let down.
Not in me. But in You.

I hope to lose myself for good.
I hope to find it in the end.
Not in me. It’s You.

It’s all I know…

Another one of Maur’s laudable song recommendations. SO FETCH.


MY COMP CRASHED.  Yeah I’m using the internet PCs that are available in TP’s library. Thank God for TP. The school’s quite a fascinating place to explore. Jel discovered the Cullinary Academy that’s located right at the end of engine school and brought us to this training cafe, Sweetloaf, to try their titilating treats. Not bad lah. The cakes were worth the money ($1.50 – $3.00) but the chicken lasagne (haha if i’m not wrong i heard SOMEONE call it chicken LAKSA)  was oozing with OIL/LARD/RED GREASE. Every bite was equivalent to a mouthful of oil… Nevertheless, the students-in-training (i don’t know the term that’s supposed to use for them) were impressively presentable and classy. I like their uniforms ahaha.

The possibility of my JPEG files being gone with the wind is going to devastate me. THOSE BEAUTIFULLY CAPTURED MOMENTS IN TIME. GONE. 😦 NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.

Shame on myself for not backing up my precious files. My letters from 2003. From my dad, from Jun, from Ms Chua… MY LYRICS………………………………………………….



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