• In this survey questionnaire, there are phrases that describe people’s behaviours. Please read each phrase carefully, and click the appropriate radio button to indicate how accurately each phrase describes you.

  • You are to respond to the phrases the way you think you would normally behave, in relation to other people you know of your same gender and roughly your same age.
  • This is not a test on ethics. There is no right or wrong answer, only preferred or less preferred response.


  • You are to describe yourself as you generally are now, not as you wish to be in the future.

In return for using this Personality Preference Survey and other services as provided by the Originator, I agree to to be bound by the following Terms and Conditions:

1. Disclaimer
I acknowledge that the survey results are speculative in nature and should not be taken seriously. I understand that all psychological measures in this Personality Preference Survey are subject to measurement errors. If I am in any way dissatisfied with the results or believe them to be in error, I have the right to check on the accuracy by showing them to people who know me well.

I understand that the information provided in this website may include inaccuracies or typographical errors. I do not hold the Originator of this Personality Preference Survey responsible for making any misrepresentation of the information provided.

SAMANTHA TENG JIAYIN’s Phishy Personality Profile Overview

Your Primary Phishy Personality Factor is Careful Goldfish, and its Key Characteristics and General Traits is summarised as follows:

Key Characteristics

Key Personality Preferences Reflective & Rational
Key Value Displayed Perfection (Precision & Accuracy)
Key Motivator Principles (Rules)
Key Concern Disorder (Lack of Plan or Policy)
Key Emotion to be Harnessed Gloominess (e.g. Depression)
Key Complementing Values to be Nutured Compassion, Initiative, Respect, Cooperation
Potential Strengths Careful (Conscientious), Accurate (doing right the first time), Precise, Anaytical, Logical, Hard-working, Sensitive, Planner, Organised (Orderly, Timely, Scheduled, Systematic), Well-Mannered (Cultured), Disciplined, Compliant, Persistent, Detailed (Thorough, Meticulous), Loyal (Faithful), Gifted, Intellectual, Restrained (Self-Controlled), Comfortable with Facts and Figures
Potential Check Points Fussy, Perfectionist to a fault, Over-Critical, Over-Suspicious (Sceptical), Over-Rigid (Policy must be adhered at all cost, inflexible), Over-Traditional (Conservative), Resentful (Bitter), Unforgiving (Revengeful), Difficult (hard to get along), Too Sensitive, Moody, Lonesome, Easily Depressed, Lacking in Humour, Uninvolved (Withdrawn), Not-Practical (Too Theoretical), Pessimistic

Your Secondary Phishy Personality Factor is Colourful Guppy, and its key characteristics and general traits are summarised as follows:

Key Characteristics

Key Personality Preferences Active & Relational
Key Value Displayed Popularity (To be Well-liked by People)
Key Motivator Recognition (I.e. To be Recognised)
Key Concern Rejection
Key Emotion to be Harnessed Frivolity (e.g. Excess Playfulness)
Key Complementing Values to be Nutured Perseverance, Integrity, Respect, Cooperation, Loyalty
Potential Strengths Colourful, Cheeful (Bubbly), Cute (Attractive), Confident, Carefree, Creative, Idea-Fluent (lots of ideas), Spontaneous, Refreshing (Full of surprises), Humorous, Enthusiastic, Warm, Sociable (Very Friendly), Popular, Exciting, Interesting, Inspiring, Take Initiative, Encouraging, Persuasive.
Potential Check Points Chasing Rabbits (Scatterbrained), Easily Distracted, Playful (in excess), Undisciplined, Long-winded (Talkative), Indulging (e.g. Trivial Improvements), Poor Listerner (Interrupting, Dominating Conversation), Forgetful, Unpredictable, Haphazard, Over-Permissive, Naïve, Attention (or Honour) Seeking, Show-off, Disorganised (Messy), Loud, Restless, Fickle-minded, Over-Committed, Not Serious When Necessary (Frivolous), Lack

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